My Story

Verónica Luque Pérez, Scientist in Gastronomy

My journey in gastronomy began when I officially started studying «HND Hospitality and Management» at Edinburgh College. This opened doors for me to work with some of the best hotel groups and Michelin-starred restaurants in Scotland. Since then, I have sought to work in restaurants that advocate for sustainability and have a holistic vision of our industry.

With a clear vision and continuous development, I completed a university degree focused on sustainable restaurants, followed by an MSc in Gastronomy, which allowed me to understand the complex relationships between food, culture, and society.

I became one of the first women to implement a holistic and scientific approach in the Scottish restaurant industry. Thanks to my education, opportunities, and inquisitive nature, I have acquired both practical and theoretical skills that have enabled me to grasp the complexities of my purpose.

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with diverse and multicultural teams, allowing me to appreciate the richness of culinary traditions from different parts of the world.

I have also developed a strong inclination towards teaching and training, leading me to create and conduct workshops, programs, and courses on wild cooking, sustainable education, innovation, and development in various institutions and private companies.

These experiences have reinforced my desire to pursue a career in culinary education, where I can share my knowledge and passion with future industry professionals.

My purpose

Serving and cooking good food is insufficient for today’s hospitality professionals. Over the last fifteen years, Scotland has seen phenomenal growth in the food and drink industry and aims to maintain that growth in its strategy. My work as a gastronomer is to move beyond the reductionist view of the past’s «cook and serve» mentality and teach new professionals to approach the industry from a systemic perspective. They will take a holistic, critical, and connected view of where their food comes from, how it is produced, and the impact it has on both society and the environment. This approach will help professionals build a more sustainable future for the hospitality business. The new hospitality professionals will play a leading role in their organization’s journey toward becoming more environmentally responsible.

«It is important to understand the various disciplines within the world of food and how they are interconnected. Biology, economics, sociology, and environmental ethics are all essential components of the gastronomer’s language: «Gastronomy»

Verónica Luque Pérez

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